Brand AI Challenge Synthesis

Identify the Brandtypes of 5 brands


Before you can navigate brand strategy, you have to know all the directions where it could go.


Our team of strategists developed the Brandtypes model, which covers most modern brands by deconstructing their main attributes and directions.


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Meet the Brandtypes

Brandtypes is a tech brand strategy framework that's enabled by CompOS, the world's first AI-driven brand positioning method.


Brands seek efficiency for the sake of progress. Their no-nonsense, lean and mean approach to problem-solving relies on cutting the excess and seeking optimal solutions.


Technologist type brands offer a vision for how technology can be used to find new solutions to existing problems while automating and improving known products and services.


Optimiser type brands serve as efficiency specialists that provide frictionless solutions for those who value a streamlined service or product.

Value Seeker

Value-seeker type brands provide budget-friendly and practical solutions while being deliberate about costs and affordability.


Expert type brands position themselves as authoritative leaders with a deep focus and a scientific understanding of their field.


Brands seek practical improvement through growth and adaptiveness. They focus on solving real problems through client centricity by providing practical tools, knowledge and support


Personalizer type brands position their products and services as catering to their clients’ unique needs and offer customized solutions.


Nurturer type brands are committed and supportive partners who work to assist their stakeholders with needed resources for growth.


Mentor type brands connect existing expertise with willingness to educate, enlighten and support growth while providing care and insight along the way.


Simplifier type brands focus on making complicated processes user-friendly. They position themselves around making life easier and provide a smoother experience.


Brands communicate ambition, scale and vision. They strive to make an impact and do not shy away from challenging existing limitations in security, speed and offering.


Guardian type brands act as barrier that protects their customers’ information and assets from external threats in a volatile environment.


Accelerator type brands focus on dynamic services which enable customers to achieve their goals faster.


Globe-throtter type brands claim a leading global presence and the capability to meet the needs of customers in different countries and cultures.


Futurist type brands are a driving force behind new ideas and technologies that shape their market in a new way, as well as redefine what is seen as the industry standard.


Brands provide services based on a view of the bigger industry picture. They are driven to improve entire ecosystems for the shared benefit of different actors.


Principled type brands pride themselves on having strict moral and ethical standards while providing trustworthy services in a transparent manner.

People's Champion

People's Champion type brands focus on their community. Universally appealing and inclusive, they aim to democratise their category.


Collaborator type brands cultivate a culture of collaboration and partnership while emphasizing professional cooperation.

Eco Warrior

Eco Warrior type brands are committed to promoting and practicing sustainability while taking on a responsible role in caring for the planet.

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